Traffic & Speed Study Request

Neighborhood Traffic Study Request

If you would like a traffic study conducted in your neighborhood, please download the Neighborhood Traffic Study Request Form (PDF).

After completing the form, please mail it to:
West Valley City Public Works
Attn: Erik Brondum
3600 South Constitution Boulevard
Number 260
West Valley City, UT 84119-3720

Or you may scan the completed form and email to Erik Brondum.


Residents requesting neighborhood traffic calming are required to submit a traffic study request form which includes a ten-signature petition from neighbors supporting the request for a traffic study. 

Neighborhood Traffic Study

Upon submission of the Neighborhood Traffic Study Request form with the required signatures, the Transportation Division will conduct a traffic study. Traffic data is collected for one week. An 85th percentile speed and daily traffic volume is measured.

Studies are completed between April and October.

Only one study request per year may be submitted for a specific street or area. 

Traffic Study Criteria

The following criteria are used to develop a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Index: 

Speed and Volume Criteria

  • Speed Points (10 pts for every 1 mph over the posted speed limit)
  • Traffic Volume (1/2 pt per 100 vehicles) 

Other Criteria (10 Points Max)

  • Sidewalks (5 pts if no sidewalk)
  • Elementary Schools (5 pts for each elementary school or road is on a school walking route)
  • Pedestrian Generators (5 pts for each park, Jr. high, high school, etc...)

Action Thresholds

The traffic study criteria are summed to determine the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Index and action is taken based on the Index as follows:

  • Index less than 70: No Action
  • Index between 70–79: Driver Feedback Signs
  • Index 80 or greater: Physical constructed calming device (normally speed humps)

If a road meets the criteria for physical constructed traffic calming, the residents living on that road will be polled, if two-thirds of responses are affirmative, traffic calming construction will be scheduled.

Roads with a speed limit higher than 25 mph are not eligible for speed humps.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please contact Erik Brondum, West Valley City Transportation Engineer, at 801-963-3406 or by email Erik Brondum.