Sister City Committee

The Sister City Committee is created as an advisory body to the city to establish and maintain Sister City relationships that provide economic, cultural, and educational benefits to West Valley City.

The committee shall serve as the liaison between the city and the Sister City. The committee shall seek and evaluate the potential of any new Sister City relationships and when appropriate provide evidence of the benefit of such a relationship to the City Manager so that appropriate steps may be taken by the City Manager and City Council to make any proposed relationship official.

The Sister City Committee shall participate in the West Valley City Cultural Arts Board at the direction of the City Manager or designee to accomplish this purpose.

Current Sister City Committee Members
Don Christensen, Chair
Ling Ling Chen
Kevin Conde
Cathy Jenn
Wendy Jyang
Lila Wright
Abby Monroy
Brian Baity
Julie DeLong*

*Non voting attendee