Jul 02

Happy 35 years to West Valley City !!!

Posted on July 2, 2015 at 4:04 PM by Sam Johnson

35 years ago this week a group of West side Salt Lake County residents realized a dream come true after a hard fought multiyear campaign to incorporate into their own City. The “Let’s Do It” tag line became “Living the Dream” on July 1, 1980.

Having worked a while on the “Let’s Do It” committee through the West Valley Area Chamber of Commerce, I realized that we could acquire better services as an incorporated government by creating our own City. Having moved to what was then “Granger” from the Avenues of Salt Lake City in 1973, I quickly realized that we were not getting the attention of County agencies as I tried to call to get help with neighborhood policing, new parks and messy homes and yards that were never planted or taken care of and in some cases full of junk. I was raised on the Avenues where everyone took care of their homes and yards… had Parks to walk to and play in and also saw police always patrolling the streets.

Fast forward to 1993…13 years after incorporation... I was asked to serve as a volunteer on the West Valley City Clean and Beautiful Committee as Chairperson in the Parks and Recreation Department. By 1993 there was much improvement in our City Green Spaces and since incorporation, many Parks were designed and added for residents in West Valley City that I feel would have never been added on the West Side of the County had we not Incorporated. I also feel that Salt Lake County gained a better respect for Parks and Recreation property “West Of Redwood Road” because we became a City which is shown today in the many partnerships we both do together with the City Council and the Parks Department.

The Police and Fire Departments, as well as other essential services, continue to define who we are as a City with the professional people that work here.

My family has always been on committees volunteering for our great City.  My wife Margene has served on the Arts Council, Directing and Choreographing/Directing 15 years of Community Theatre as well as serving on our WestFest committee for many years.  My son that was a Youth City Council Mayor and the Author of the West Valley City Song.  My two daughters volunteered for the 2002 Olympic Hockey events at our 2002 Hockey Venue and West Valley City Community Theatre and Ice Skating events.   Because of my continued love for wanting to make this City Shine, I applied for and came to work for West Valley City in 1995 where I am still employed today.

I have seen many friends and neighbors become Mayors and members of Council. Some of those leaving their legacy before their sad passing, and some continuing on today to make us strong as a City. And the same goes for employees that I have worked for and with.

I guess I could sum up this Happy Birthday Blog best by using another tag line that I used when I was first hired in 1995 which is “West Valley City…Progress As Promised”, but add to it…”By Many Mayors, Council Members, Dedicated Volunteers and Employees of West Valley City! “Live-Work-Play WVC!

Happy 35th Birthday Day West Valley City!

--Kevin Conde, WVC Employee and Resident

Mar 30

Real Monarchs coming West Valley City?

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 10:58 AM by Sam Johnson

It has been less than a month since the March 3rd announcement that West Valley City and Real Monarchs are working on a deal to bring the Monarchs to our city.  The announcement opens up a negotiation window for the two sides to work out a deal to have the Monarchs be a permanent part of our community.

The Real Monarchs play in the United Soccer League and are an affiliate to Real Salt Lake.  The new stadium location is currently being discussed but there is a lot of discussion of it being near the Maverik Center.  The new stadium will cost around $23 million and would be financed by the team.  It is expected to seat 8,000 fans.  

The new stadium could become home to many different sporting events including the Monarchs games, women's professional soccer and many other soccer events.  The new stadium, if it ends up being built near the Maverik Center, will be next to a Trax line as well as having bus lines and parking lots all within a couple of blocks making it easy for residents through out the Valley to get to games.  

There have been several articles written on the announcement.  Here are some articles with further information.  We are excited for this chance to bring the Monarchs to West Valley City and see it as another great entertainment option for our residents.  

Salt Lake Tribune article on WVC / Monarchs
KSL article on WVC/Monarchs
Mar 02

Explore West Valley City

Posted on March 2, 2015 at 10:30 AM by Sam Johnson

West Valley City has a new way to explore the city.  Have you ever heard of Munzee (Munzee)?   It is a way to explore your neighborhood, your city, your state in a kind of scavenger type of way.  

Every month, the first of every month, WVC will be starting up a new Munzee trail game for people to begin exploring the city.   This month, you get to explore the city parks.  The hunt begins at Peachwood Park (3510 West 3965 South).  Go out and find that QR Code at the park, capture it and you will be led to another park.  A total of 5 parks are available for capture.  If you find all 5...and you are the first one to do, you win a $20 gift card to Megaplex Theaters.  Take a few #ScavengerSelfies as well so that all of us can cheer you on.  

For all of the details, visit our Munzee page on our website: Click Here

Happy Hunting and go get 'em!