How are redevelopment plan and budget adopted?
There is a six step process which must be followed to adopt a redevelopment plan and budget.

First, a blight survey area is identified for study. The study entails gathering information on the condition of buildings and improvements, the existence of hazardous materials, social factors and safety concerns.

Second, the RDA board holds an evidentiary hearing to determine whether or not all or part of the area qualifies as blighted. If an area is blighted, it is eligible for redevelopment assistance. "Blight" is a legal term defined in the Utah Neighborhood Development Act.

Third, the RDA prepares a redevelopment plan and project area budget to identify how redevelopment would be encouraged. The planning process varies in each community. Typically planning includes formal or informal discussions with property owners, investors, taxing agencies, community planners and others to identify planning objectives, strategies and implementation costs.

Fourth, the planning commission for the community reviews the redevelopment plan to assure it conforms to the community's master plan.

Fifth, the RDA board holds one or more public hearings to obtain comments and suggestions on the proposed plan and budget. The RDA board and the community council or commission then adopt, adopt with modifications or reject the plan. Adopting the plan establishes a redevelopment project area.

Sixth, if the plan includes the use of tax increment, a committee of representatives from the affected taxing agencies approves, approves with changes, or rejects the project area budget.

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