How do I obtain a Demolition Permit?

Contact the Asbestos Coordinator at the Division of Environmental Health of the Salt Lake City/County Health Department at 385-468-3914.

Request an Asbestos check and a pre-demolition inspection. The Asbestos contractor you hire must be approved by the State. The Asbestos Coordinator will inspect your structure to determine if your structure contains friable asbestos and/or appliances or devices with hazardous materials.

The coordinator will help you obtain an approval from the State Division of Air Quality for your demolition permit. Once the State Division of Air Quality has confirmation that no asbestos or hazardous materials exists, State Division of Air Quality will notify West Valley City.

Requesting Termination of Utilities

You must request termination of utilities as follows:

  1. For termination of natural gas lines call Questar Dispatcher at 801-324-5111.
  2. For termination of sewer and water lines call Granger Hunter Improvement District at 801-968-3551.
  3. Utility companies will notify Misty Jenkins at West Valley City at 801-963-3475, when all utility lines have been terminated in preparation for demolition.
  4. Confirm with Misty Jenkins of West Valley City at 801-963- 3475 that approvals for demolition have been received by the city from:
    State Division of Air Quality
    Questar Company
  5. Once you have confirmed that West Valley City has received all necessary approvals for demolition, you may submit your application for a demolition permit.
    1. The West Valley City Building Inspections Division is located at:
      City Hall
      3600 South Constitution Boulevard
      Room 220

      Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays
      7 a.m. to 6 p.m
  6. The permit can be issued immediately if the approvals have been received by the Building Inspections Division. In order to issue the demolition permit, the legal owner of the building must sign the permit application.
  7. If the owner is using a contractor to perform the demolition, the application must contain the contractor's company name, State license number and signature of the contractor. The cost of the demolition permit is $53.

Additional Information

If you have further questions about demolitions call Misty Jenkins at 801-963-3475

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