What is a Contractor Verification Form and when do I need one?

In accordance with State law, a building permit can only be issued to a licensed contractor. If a permit application is submitted for the construction or alteration of a building, only a general contractor need be listed on the application at the time of permit issuance. At the time of permit issuance, the license number of the general contractor must be verified.

Subcontractor Verification Form

Any building inspector that issues a building permit to an unlicensed contractor may be disciplined by the State of Utah. The State expects the municipal inspectors to make a reasonable attempt to keep unlicensed subcontractors from working within the municipality. Our Building Inspection Division does this by requiring a completed subcontractor verification form (available at our permit counter or through this web page).

 The form shall include the names of the general contractor, mechanical contractor, plumbing contractor, electrical contractor- accurate license numbers and original signatures from each of these four primary contractors. This is how we verify that only licensed contractors work in West Valley City, as required by State law. If you wish to discuss this further, contact Ed Domian, Chief Building Official at 801-963-3276.

The subcontractor form and its license numbers will be verified by Building Inspection staff. This form must be submitted prior to power clearance and issuance of any Certificate of Occupancy.

Single Family Dwelling on Personal Property

Note: State law allows a property owner to build a single family dwelling for their own use (not for sale). No contractor would be required, therefore, no contractor verification form would be required. You must own the property in order to obtain a permit for the construction of a single-family dwelling, as an owner/builder.

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