My Business is NOT Connected to the City’s Drainage System. Why Should I Have to Pay?
There are several ways your property benefits from the services provided by the Storm Water Utility. 1) Approximately one-half of the money collected is used to implement the Storm Water Management Program required by the federal Clean Water Act, and enforced under a permit with the State Department of Environmental Quality. This is a requirement placed on the entire City. 2) The City’s storm water program improves and maintains those upstream storm water facilities that protect your property. They establish design criteria, and regulate development that helps control off-site storm water problems. 3) The transportation system is used by all residents and businesses in the City. Maintenance of the street drainage system and street sweeping are funded by the Utility. 4) The Storm Water Management Program reduces storm water pollutants that degrade our rivers and ground water quality and the environment of the City. Every property owner in West Valley City is served by these activities.

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1. What is a Storm Water Utility?
2. Why Do We Need a Storm Water Utility?
3. Why the Concern About Storm Water Quality?
4. What is the Service Fee Charge Based On?
5. What is an Impervious Surface?
6. How Much is the Storm Water Utility Charge?
7. Is this a one-time charge?
8. How is Property Measured?
9. Who Has to Pay?
10. How Much Will the Utility Raise Annually Through These Fees?
11. Why Are Churches & Schools Being Billed?
12. Is it Possible to Have My Fee Reduced?
13. Where Does the Money Go?
14. Why Not Add This to My Property Taxes?
15. Is This Money Going to Take Care of the Drainage problems Created by New Development?
16. I Lease the Property I Own to Another Party. Does the Property Owner Pay the Fee or the Lessee?
17. My Business is NOT Connected to the City’s Drainage System. Why Should I Have to Pay?