Can I rent out my basement?

Assuming your home is zoned for a single unit dwelling, the answer to this question will vary depending upon the location of the property, how the basement will be used, and how it is designed. Single unit dwellings located west of 4000 West are allowed to have a basement apartment or an internal accessory dwelling unit, so long as specific requirements are met.  

For properties east of 4000 West, a homeowner may rent a portion of the home only if all of the following standards are met: 

  • There is no more than one lease for any portion of the home.
  • All persons residing in the home live together as a single housekeeping unit where all residents maintain free access to all living spaces within the home and all exits to and from the home. In other words, those persons living in the basement must have free access to the upstairs.
  • There is no more than one door between a bedroom and any kitchen, living room, dining room or family room that is on the same floor as the bedroom.

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