What do I do once the report is submitted?

You can print your temporary report, The Detective will follow up with you once the report is submitted and approved if needed.  

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1. Am I in immediate physical danger?
2. What do I do if online incident reporting is not right for me?
3. What if this happened in another city? Can I file a report using this online police citizen reporting system?
4. Can I file a report on an incident that took place in Salt Lake County, but not the City of West Valley?
5. What if this happened on a state freeway?
6. Can I report a firearm (handgun, pistol or rifle) stolen or lost in an online report?
7. What if there is physical evidence that needs to be collected?
8. What do I do if I don't see the type of report that I need to file?
9. What do I do once the report is submitted?
10. What if I submitted my report and forgot to add something?
11. What if I have submitted my report and I still have questions?
12. How can I get a copy of my police report if I didn’t save or print the Temporary Copy?