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Animal Services Volunteer Application

  1. West Valley City Animal Services Volunteer Application
    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our shelter and helping the animals and citizens of West Valley and Taylorsville City. If you are needing to complete community service hours, please fill out our community service application.
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  3. I consent to filling out this form electronically and to the use of my electronic signature*
  4. Please be aware that this form will need to be filled out in person if you do not consent to the electronic submission.
  6. Are you under 18 Years of age?*
  7. Would you like to receive a text or email with shelter updates about closed days, special events, etc.?*
  8. Do you have any allergies?*
  9. Some tasks performed by volunteers include lifting, bending, or carrying heavy supplies as well as handling, grooming, or moving large animals. Some volunteer positions require the ability to safely return animals to their appropriate kennels and to read kennel cards. Volunteers must be alert at all times while working around unpredictable and dangerous animals. Is there anything that would prevent you from performing any of the aforementioned tasks?*
  10. Have you ever been convicted of any violation of the law?*
  11. Have you ever worked for West Valley City?*
  12. Are you wanting to volunteer for a class or service credit?*
  15. Do you have any previous experience working with animals?*
  16. Would you be interested in helping with off-site adoption events?*
  17. Are you interested in helping the shelter transport animals/items to other facilities or rescue groups?*
    Please select the dates and time slots that you would like to work.
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    The following are guidelines are for staff and volunteers who participate in social media. Social media includes personal blogs and other websites including Facebook, classifieds online or otherwise, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. The following guidelines apply to staff and volunteers posting or commenting on any sites: 1. Follow all applicable West Valley Animal Service policies (attached). For example, you must not share confidential or proprietary information about West Valley Animal Services. 1. Among the policies most pertinent to this discussion are those concerning confidentiality, government affairs, mutual respect, political activity, computer, e-mail & internet use, photography and video, or release of shelter information to the media. 2. Write in first person. Where your connection to West Valley Animal Services is apparent, make it clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on the behalf of West Valley Animal Services. 3. If you identify your affiliation to West Valley Animal Services, your social media activities should be consistent with WVAS’s high standards of professional conduct. 4. If you communicate on West Valley Animal Services or WVAS -related matters, you must disclose your connection with West Valley Animal Services and your role at the shelter. 5. Be professional, use good judgment and be accurate and honest in your communications; errors, omissions or unprofessional language or behavior reflect poorly on West Valley Animal Services. 6. Respect proprietary information, content and confidentiality when discussing shelter employees, shelter partners and the community. This includes confidential information on the citizens of WVAS, impound specifics, internal policies and procedures. 7. West Valley Animal Services does not endorse people, products, services or organizations. On social media websites where your affiliation to West Valley Animal Services is known, personal recommendations or endorsements should not be given or requested. 8. Unless approved by West Valley Animal Services management, your social media name, handle and URL should not include West Valley Animal Services’ name or logo.
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  28. Although every attempt will be made to ensure your safety, animals are, by their nature unpredictable in behavior. Accordingly, you, as a volunteer agree to the following conditions: I hereby agree to hold West Valley City Animal Services, its officers, directors, employees, and other volunteers forever harmless from any and all liability, claims, demands, or causes of action which may arise from performing voluntary animal care and office tasks on a routine basis, and for any injury whatsoever that I may suffer as a result of my volunteer activities with West Valley Animal Services-including, bites, scratches, exposure to communicable illnesses, and exposure to pests contracted from any animal.
  29. I verify that by my signature below that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and I have read each of the above statements and agree to be bound by them. I understand that failure to comply with these guidelines could result in the termination of my volunteer service at WVAS.
  30. If the volunteer is under the age of 18, I am a parent or legal guardian of the volunteer applicant and I agree to allow him/her to be bound by the conditions represented above.
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