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Sunset Hills Park Comment Form

  1. Sunset Hills Park

    What do you want in your park? Let us know by completing this form.

  2. Please provide your email address so we may contact you if we need further information about your ideas.

  3. Which elements are most important to you in a park?
    In order of preference, please rank the top 5 park elements that you would most prefer to see included in the park from the following list:
    • Pavilion/Shade Structure
    • Swings
    • Play Structure/Playground
    • Challenge/Ninja Course
    • Outdoor Game Elements
    • Basketball Court
    • Exercise Equipment
    • Multi-Use Field (Turfgrass)
    • Natural Play Features
    • Perimeter Walking Path
    • Other (Please Specify)

  4. Do you have any suggestions for the park name?

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