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West Valley City Pet License Application

  1. A staff member will contact you within 48 hours of submission in order to collect license payment. License is not issued or valid until payment has been received.

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  3. Owner Information

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  7. Pet Type*

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  9. Please indicate a specific breed type, even if the animal is a mixed breed.

  10. Is your pet microchipped?*

  11. Rabies Vaccination Information

  12. Please upload a copy of your rabies certificate.

  13. License Fee*

    If the license is expired or 30 days past due, a $25 late fee will be assessed.

  14. After submission, you can call 801-965-5800 to make the license payment. Payments can also be mailed or brought into the shelter at 4522 W 3500 S. West Valley City, UT 84120. LICENSE IS NOT VALID UNTIL PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE.

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