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Animal Services Working Cat Application

  1. Our barn cat program is populated by cats that do not fall neatly within our adoptable or feral categories. We therefore do not have a constant population of barn cats at our shelter, as they are assessed on an individual basis. Please be aware that if your application is approved, we may not be able to match you up with cats immediately.
  2. Is this the address where the cats will be located?*
  3. What type of facility do you have for the cats?*
  4. There is a two cat minimum.
  5. Do you have a preference in the temperament of the cats?*
  6. Do you agree to do your best to trap the cat and provide veterinary care should it become ill or injured?*
  7. Do you agree with the terms of the relocation process, allowing the cats an acclimation period in a provided enclosure for the duration of 3 - 4 weeks?*
  8. Do you agree to provide food and water for the cats?*
  9. Would you be interested in "special needs" barn cats (missing a leg or eye, etc.)?*
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