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Employee of the Month Nomination

  1. West Valley City Employee of the Month
    Do you have a coworker who goes above and beyond to provide service to residents or fellow employees? Do they consistently display an attitude of "Total Customer Service?" Are their efforts to provide service consistently above and beyond the scope of their duties? Show your appreciation by nominating them for Employee of the Month.
  2. Secondary Nomination
    Did two employees go above and beyond while working on the same project? Did they work together to accomplish the same goal? If so, you may add a secondary nomination.
  3. Nomination Instructions
    Please provide detailed information about why you believe an employee should be considered for Employee of the Month.
  4. Did the employee...*
  5. Please provide a brief paragraph explaining why you would like to nominate this employee for Employee of the Month. Provide details of how the employee went above and beyond and/or exemplified total customer service. DO NOT INCLUDE CASE NUMBERS OR OTHER SENSITIVE/CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, AS EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH NOMINATIONS ARE CONSIDERED PUBLIC RECORD UNDER UTAH LAW.
  6. Employees may not nominate themselves for an Employee of the Month award. Such nominations will not be considered.
  7. Employee of the Month nominations are considered by members of the Employee Advisory Committee (EAC) on a monthly basis, and are awarded at West Valley City Council Meetings.
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