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Clean & Beautiful Project Idea

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  2. Clean & Beautiful Project Idea
    The purpose of the WVC Clean & Beautiful Committee is to promote the public interest in the general improvement of the appearance of West Valley City; to initiate, plan, direct, and coordinate programs for the promotion of community pride and general beautification and improvement of the physical quality of life in West Valley City. The WVC Clean & Beautiful Committee periodically plans small service projects around the City and would like to ask you for ideas. Submission of an idea does not mean that the project will be adopted by the committee.
  3. Examples of Recent Projects:
    - Community Preservation Building Landscaping updates - Street Banners on 3500 South between I-215 to Bangerter Highway - Small beautification project near 4100 South 4100 West - Free Day Lilly giveaways at WestFest - Started a Spring Festival / Earth Day Celebration - Annual Yard Awards
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