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City Council Public Comment

  1. West Valley City Council meetings are held via Zoom, and will include a public comment period. To participate and make public comment, complete this form; meeting information will be provided by the West Valley City Recorder. The comment period is limited to 30 minutes; any person wishing to comment shall limit their comments to five minutes. During the Public Comment portion of the meeting, the Mayor will state the name of those who have submitted this form in the order received. Once called upon, please electronically raise your hand and you will be unmuted. All comments shall be directed to the Mayor. No person addressing the City Council during the comment period shall be allowed to comment more than once during that comment period. Speakers should not expect any debate with the Mayor, City Council or City Staff; however, the Mayor, City Council or City Staff may respond within the 30-minute period.
  2. Briefly describe what you will be discussing with City Council.
  3. All public comment requests must be submitted by 2:30 PM on the day of the meeting.
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